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You’ve worked hard your whole life and now it’s time to enjoy those “Golden Years” you’ve heard so much about. One of the best ways to do that is to move into a 55+ community, also known as an “active adult community.” These retirement-friendly low-maintenance communities can be comprised of single-family houses as well as multi-family patio homes, condominiums, or townhomes. These communities are often built near shopping centers, restaurants, and parks, making it easy for older residents to enjoy what their town or city offers.

Here are some benefits to living in a senior community:

Low-Maintenance Exterior

While the interior upkeep of these units is the responsibility of the owner, you won’t have to bother with mowing, paining or shoveling snow. This fact alone is a huge selling point for many retirees.

Great Way to Make New Friends

Sometimes in life you enjoy your neighbors and sometimes… not so much. When you belong to a +55 community in Ontario, you have the opportunity to connect with like-minded people who enjoy the same activities as you.

A Quiet Environment

While grandchildren are certainly welcome to visit residents in their homes, no children live in these communities full-time, which means they are generally very quiet places to live.

Wonderful Amenities

Most senior living communities provide residents with many opportunities to stay active and socialize. You will often find pools and fitness centers as well as organized social events, affinity clubs and volunteer groups.

For many people, 55+ communities offer seniors a chance to kick up their heels, make new friends and enjoy the good life they’ve earned.

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