Meet Georgina Kasmetis - Your Real Estate Expert!

Toronto Realtor Georgina Kasmetis, also the President and Director of Lawlor Realty Ltd., has been helping people in Toronto to buy and sell their homes for over 38 years.

Due to the increased interest in Toronto clients wanting to move outside of Toronto and vice versa, Georgina has also just recently opened up an office in Peterborough and in the Kawartha area.

Georgina gains great inspiration from and takes great pride in helping buyers to find what they truly desire in a home. Her honest approach, positive nature, and genuine care for her clients is what has helped her to be successful and has led to her business running just by referrals.

Georgina is also well versed with what is involved in being a successful investor in both residential and commercial real estate - as she was when she began her career.

She has a solid grasp on all of the various markets that Ontarians are faced with including the recession in 1989/90 to the boom that we are now in.

Here is Georgina’s retelling of how she came into real estate:

“While working at a law firm, about 22 years ago, I was approached by Carmelita Lawlor, a fairly well-known realtor at the time, who came in to have her new real estate company incorporated.  As I helped her with incorporating we got to know each other because she was also just starting her real estate company and I had just received my real estate licence to buy and sell homes on the side.  I ended up finding out that she was a nun for 15 years, as well as a registered nurse. So it was a terrific learning experience for me because she taught me that one could do really well in real estate while still being honest and having integrity. Eventually, Carmelita became ill and left her business to me. 

She was an amazing woman and I feel blessed and grateful that I learned from her and that she gave me this great honour to carry forward.

Since then, Georgina has worked with hundreds/thousands of people helping them to buy and sell their homes.

From the beginning we go through the following stages step by step:

  • Qualifying you for financing
  • Financing
  • Clarifying your vision of your ideal dream home
  • Searching based on your vision and criteria
  • Putting an offer together
  • Negotiating
  • Fulfilling conditions (such as home inspections, financing, etc)
  • Facilitating the connection with a lawyer (if you don’t already have one) of integrity

If you are wanting to sell your home, then these are the stages I help my clients with:

  • Providing a marketed evaluation of what your home is worth
  • Helping in preparing your home to be placed on the market (this includes the
       possibility of staging your home for maximum marketability)  
  • Marketing your house (for example on the internet through, Google, MLS, and other effective sites
  • Negotiating incoming offers
  • Facilitating with the lawyer
  • I have served 25 years on a Condominium Board of Directors, 20 years of which I served as President of the Board.

“I truly care about the people I work with and strive to help make the experience of selling and buying a home a rich experience.

Georgina is also not all work and no play. Her personal interests include Animal Rescue, golf, pilates, yoga, personal development, personal growth, and travel and she currently resides in Toronto.