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In today's competitive real estate market, timing is everything. These days many good homes are sold before they are ever even advertised.  Further if the home makes it to being advertised the houses are typically purchased right away or you can enter into bidding wars that place the price of the home tens of thousands of dollars above the initial amount you thought you were going to offer.  This is excellent for you if you are selling, but not so if you are buying.

In this market there is approximately 1 house for every 5 buyers.  This means that knowing how to deal with this will determine whether you do or do not get the property you really want.  This is typically the first and main reason why clients hire me as their realtor.

If you are thinking of buying and/or selling your home or buying, selling or leasing your commercial property email or call me directly if you would like my help or have any questions.

I look forward to the potential of helping you!